Stack of Words

Feeling manic ... imagine that, me feeling manic. I blogged a bit last night at stephysite-life.blogspot.com [Must have login, e-mail me if you want to read]. I will probably blog a bit more there today, just to get it all out. Well, not ALL, but what I feel safe getting out.

I'm going to keep this rather short and give you the stack of words waiting to be shared. Until next time...

baby love: The opposite of platonic love between a man and a woman in which the two, in or out of a marital relationship, love each other in such a way that they both would consent to and enjoy conceiving a child together.

In Use: Oh, April and I? No no, sure I love her, but we don't have baby love.

on the B: Wack, lame, or otherwise secondary to something that is better. Refers to the B-side of a music single, which is not as good as the A-side.

In Use: Ghostbusters was hot, while Ghostbusters II was totally on the B.

cropdust: To fart, then drag the smell around with you, or fart while walking. One who does this is called a "cropduster".

celebreviate: The act of combining two celebrities' names because they are dating, married, etc.

dime piece: A girl who is bangin', hot, beautiful, a perfect ten.

banana basket: Underwear, as they are used to store a man's banana.

On your six: Directly behind you. From the military designation of location where 12:00 is directly in front of you, 3:00 is to your right, 9:00 is to your left, etc.

1. An intentional misspelling of the word "own", with a similar meaning; to dominate an opponent. Especially used in online games.

2. To be great or ingenious.

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