The Words

I wrote a blog yesterday, then stared at it for a few minutes randomly through the day, though ended up not publishing it. (Duh, that's obvious).

While I have a lot to be said, I don't think I'll say any of it. Too exhausted.

So onward with the words...

one time: The police. So called because you can only look at them one time, since doing a double take might attract attention. Used in Sir Mix-A-Lot's song "One time's Got No Case".

oxygen theif: Someone so completely lazy or useless that their only effect on this earth is to use up oxygen that could otherwise have been consumed by someone who doesn't deserve a solid kick in the arse. [Oh how we all know at least one of these people]

hell to the no: A phrase used to express disbelief, shock, disgust, or incredulity.

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