I'd Like Upper Decker for $1011, Alex

WOW, stressful day that has thus far included the following (please note it's only noon as I write this):

-A legal issue I tried to help a friend with (can't discuss because if I did, there would be an e-trail)
-A meeting where we (the structural engineers) had to piss a bunch of people off, maybe not so much pissed off, but we made them very unhappy!
-Poor Meeting Notes:

-FedEx pissed me off, yet again!
-I snapped at a coworker!
-I had an argument about "just because you do it that way doesn't mean the way I do it is wrong"!
-More coordination issues between the architectural and structural modeling in my project.
-The highlight though, a $1011 mobile phone bill! It's being taken care of, and no, I don't owe that much. But fuck, try waking up and starting your day with that!

It's a good thing that I have the following fun things to talk about:

-I made up a new word... Brittanyized: to not wear panties while wearing a skirt.
-I have become a lifer with AT&T thanks to my favorite new customer service agent Carlos Fuentes. I still need to pen a letter to confirm his awesomeness with AT&T!
-I have re-established that I can be useful to people with legal quandaries, despite my callous nature!
-I'm drinking new types of tea today, fun!
-I found out what an "upper-decker" is...
-Best story I've heard in a while and it goes like this...

Two renters, Eric and Dave go home one night. They arrive to find that someone has changed the locks. How odd they think. They call the homeowner who has no idea what they are talking about. They call anyone they can think of that would play a mean joke on them, but to no avail. During this time they find out that someone has also now cleaned the back yard. It's a curious thought, who comes over to change your locks and clean your back yard? Want to know the rest? Tune in tomorrow!

quarter to eight: A BMW 745i Sedan.
overflow mode: Used to describe the actions of a short-tempered female who always seems to be angry. Related to mensturation and PMS.

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