I will let you be the judge. You know I hate discussing politics or anything of any seriousness because I either have extremely STRONG opinions, things can/will get ugly; -OR- I have no strong opinion and prefer to ride the fence until I can gain a first hand understanding. In this case, not likely I'll be gaining a first hand experience, but I do have strong opinions on the topic(s) ... so, as I said, You can be The Judge.

The following paragraph was mentioned in an article brought to my attention by @ibificus (via Twitter). [ed note: I'm not being friends with the person (I swear), just following his recommended blogs (yea, I guess that's like stalking his library register, but, not really (I swear))]

Missionaries like Shari believe that sex workers are always victims, that nobody –and certainly not a decent woman, can possibly choose to sell sex willingly and that if offered with the possibility to flip burgers in a Mc Donald they would. But would they? There is little evidence that this is the case, mostly because there are not that many Mc Donald in Cambodia. Their solution? Confining women to traditional craftwork, or offering them goats a tad colonialist, demeaning and patronising but reassuringly decent.

Now, go read the article yourself (click here), and as I said, go be your own judge. Then if you feel like arguing (or not arguing) with me (or really want to know my opinion) I might share it. Curious to see what others think!

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