Mike M. (ahem) "Hearts" Monitors

Few of you may know the daily tribulations of an engineer. It’s boring! So boring, the only thing perhaps worse to hear about is data entry. At least we get to think once in a while! But really, I’m straying off course like a Catholic priest! What I’m getting at, is that most days, I would like to bang my head against a wall only long enough to allow time for someone to come shoot me. Today, there is a lot of head banging going on! [You could insert here…Quiet Riot’s Bang Your Head and throw some goat baby!]

There are days that I can be cheered up by a number of small things. Sometimes it’s exercise; randomly it’s chocolate; most days it’s music. Yesterday, I chose to write about sheep. Upon reading comments (thanks to all of you that chimed in), it occurred to me that there's one person that could really get me laughing. We used to work together at a different "head banging" company. This person is a crazy fellow, Mike M., that is special in ways no one else comes close! Example: he likes to hump things "Beavis style". But really, don't we all occasionally like a good hump? Maybe we're talking about a camel's back, the middle of the week, or a good shag; in any case, the hump is good! Mike M. though, he's real special like! He makes dirty thoughts blush!

Don't get me wrong, he's good people! He does good things like Locks of Love, super fun things with his kids, and has even done his share with Doberman rescues!
Before Locks of Love - hippie!After Locks of Love - ship shape

So about now you are thinking, "cut to the chase jerkwad". Okay, here it is, the point to this rambling, the cutting of the chase, the..okay, I'll stop!

Mike M. sent me a video that had me laughing tears! So now, I present to you,

Mike M. Hearts Monitors!

...a short film by Mike Marfell and produced by Sprocket...

Preface...a long time ago, on a hunk of land approximate to where the Mississippi River meets some other big rivers...a group of friends worked at a company. One of those friends chose to wimp out to the land of humidity, old people, and mouse ears (also known as Florida). Suspecting that his dear friends missed him insanely, Mr. Florida called to ask if his friends had turned his former office into a "shrine". The sad friends, Sprocket and Mike M., had already turned their sorrows to some Crack-House blend coffee; adding to this mixture was a newly owned Sprocket camera; and of course the now brilliant idea of a "shrine". You see, one thing led to another in the "shrine"...and well, eh, just watch!

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