My Lesson For Today

Just a quick thingy to make you think...and set you on the right path!

If you are doing anything with stainless steel there are two things to remember:
1. "Stainless" steel varies in degree of mixed metals, therefore, "stainless" ability varies, which brings us to this..."stainless steel is not always "stainless".

2. When doing any work with stainless stuff, don't forget that you also need to specify the use of stainless connections! Most failures occur at connections, and so by not using a semi-protected stainless connector, you're just letting yourself down.

Sorry, I'm a detail oriented kind of gal; I kind of have to be to do what I do!

fashion victim: A perfectly manicured, groomed, waxed, and buffed person who wears designer logo clothing but has no real taste or style; wears every faddish trend that comes out.

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