Oh Well, I Bought More Shoes

So I just added an automatic twitter feed for my blog. Not too excited about it because I like to add the feeds myself so that I essentially have control over encouraging what things to read. Oh well, I'll try it and if I don't like it, gone! Anyway, this will be the first test of the feed, so, do your thing you magic maker!

Yesterday I felt overwhelmingly compelled to buy a pair of shoes for which I already had one pair. The thing is, I love those pink/grey plaid loafers. So, I gave into my compulsion and bought another pair (half a size smaller) as well as a pair of plaid Converse All-Stars. Cute, wearing them today. I don't match at all either. Again, oh well!

Yea, so that's about all I have. I did want to share this one picture though, because it's just cute!

Matt Mim's Rude Girl
[Rude Girl by Matt Mims, to see more by this fellow, click here! Thanks to @ibificus for this introduction]

B&BJ: A seedy hotel; the kind of place that may even rent rooms by the hour; a place you go solely for sex.

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