Today is going to be about sheep! It's going to be about sheep because I like sheep! It's also going to be about sheep in an effort to keep my mouth shut about other things! Grrr kind of things! I do however have a quick question before I move on...is there a word to define eavesdropping with the eyes? And by this I do not mean "to spy"...so, what is the word? If there isn't one, I'll be making one up!

Sheep video by people I do not know, except two of them are twitter cohorts @ibificus and @frankiep

A picture from the lovely Kelly Schmickle

This is a sheep at my desk!

A party sheep from Skweak

A picture of a picture of Irish Sheepeses

[Added later in day]
My dream job listed on sheet of paper I was doodling on while my boss was at my desk!

paper stack: Money
go Huxtable: To settle down, find a good job, and start a family.

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KELLY said...

Oh! I like being called "lovely." *blush*