Tad Stressful

So today was a tad stressful for me, some details I will spare you. The whole idea of today though, was that I had loads to do, no real time to get it done, as well as waiting for a call, missing that call, but then catching that call later to get not great news, but much better than expected. Now, I need to get going, but I have a tip for you, a word for you, and positive note!

To reduce anxiety, keep a journal to vent. At the end of every entry, write something positive!

My positive note is that someone [Amanda] got me socks. I needed that! Thanks! Socks are one of those little things that get me by. Like music. Ah, Rancid.

break your crayons: An expression used when something makes you very upset or sad, or ruins your whole day.

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