First 5k!

I ran my first 5k today. I am really proud of myself because I only ended up walking at most an 1/8th of a mile (5k is about 3.15 miles). What is more impressive is that I ran it with Riley and Bella. Riley (who actually ran with Amanda) would pull this off without a doubt, he's agile! But Bella with her short nose and legs, I wasn't too sure. When we run our normal 2 miles, she's pulling me back and randomly sitting when she feels like, MID run! I am so proud of her!

We ran it in 37m42s. I know it doesn't SOUND impressive, but for me, it is! I run a 15 minute mile, which is slow. So I totally rocked this time!

Now, off to devour leftovers. NOM NOM NOM!


ironstef said...

YAY STEPHY!! way to go! I am running one next saturday... you should join me! :)

Amy in StL said...

Congrats! I can't imagine running that far - so awesome.