Happy Anniv. Eva and Jami

September 30. Today be Eva and Jami's anniversary. So just a little shout out to two people who will never read this! Happy A. dudes!

I should tell you a little bit about Eva and Jami. Eva is my bestest friend in the whole wide world. No one can replace her. She and I share a brain. Go on, get the laughter out of the way so I can continue! I'll give you a moment before I explain... [moment]

I am left brained, she is right brained. Together we make a complete brain. In fact I am far more right brained than most lefties as she is far more left brained than most righties simply because we share a brain! We call each other at exact moments [in fact there are times that we will each pick up the phone to make the call and there are no rings because at the exact moment one of us dials, the other picks up]. If you have ever seen us together you may wonder what mystical force has taken us over and has made us giddy. I think it can be frightening for some people.

Perhaps we are like this because I spent most of my life with Eva and her family. I hate to say "most", but pretty much every weekend I was allowed, and through most of the summer vacation, I was at Eva's. All of her family vacations became my family vacations. She is really good people too. Just really good! I met Eva when I was five, and we've been around together since. [The story of how me and Eva became friends is another story for another time, remind me though, it's lovely]

Then she met Jami. He stole her from me, but I guess it was bound to happen. I like Jami all right. We fight a lot. It's good though, because I like to argue and throw tantrums; he lets me, and then all is good. Also, he shares candy with me. Interestingly enough, he had an accident at work on Monday that tore the tip of a finger off...so now, we are even more alike! We both have stubby fingers! [The story of how I smashed my finger tip off is another story for another time, remind me though, it's lovely]

So anyway, today, a few years ago [4?] Eva and Jami got hitched. And that's my story!


ThatOne said...

Another good thing: He will never point the finger at you-- at least not all of it,anyway. CCherish your friendships. They're much harder to make the older you get.

Stephy said...

Very true, you can't point a whole finger at someone when the whole finger is no longer there!