A Letter To My Friend

Dear Kelly P.-F.,

You should never have to worry about being forgiven by me when there was no wrong doing on your part! Things said in moments of shear panic and confusion always come out weird [trust me, I have had the most bizarre socially awkward moments due to my inability to be social]; and when the truth is blunt, no apology can make adjustments.

The things and phrases that haunt me today are all of my doing; my mean spirit and unkind wishes; my long time lack of concern about others in an effort to keep myself alive and/or sane; my complete insanity; etc. [you get the picture without me beating myself up further, right? *winking now*]

Fear not that you are an inadequate friend because you are around even when you suspect you are not! See below, you are always at my desk at work giving me the most beautiful smile that has ever been bestowed upon such a fine lady!

Besides, I've heard worse things that echo in my head. Don't be hard on yourself for the fates of others!

Love you always!

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