Three Is My Lucky Number

They [whomever 'they' may be] say, deaths come in threes. Lots of things come in threes...wise men; Columbus' ships; witches of Eastwick...the list could really go on, in fact so much further than three! My point is that yesterday I found out about three famous deaths: Patrick Swayze, Darren Sutherland, and Jim Carroll. Patrick by cancer, Darren by suicide, and Jim by heart attack.

I thought about some of my own 'threes'...like how I need to take three Tylenol for this. When working in REVIT, I save after every three modifications I make. For some odd reason I only keep three of my drawing aides on my desk.

Then I got to thinking about something totally off track after seeing my drawing utensils. I thought about China. I don't like China. I won't buy goods made in China [there are a few exceptions you'll have to ask me about later].

And since I'm jumping all over the place with topics, I thought I should update you that I still haven't heard from Shane Brain. I did hear, through a Third Party, that he is at least alive. I don't know if I'm allowed to mention Third Party's name since technically I'm not allowed to talk to him. I've never been one to adhere strictly to rules I see as pointless, so, as you can obviously tell by reading, I still speak to Third Party.

You may have noticed how I pulled this whole blog back around to threes (three topics, Third Party...). So, now that I have you wrinkling your brow in confusion, I think this is where I will depart for the day! [Oh yea, another topic you should ask me about one day is my dislike for the celebration of Columbus, bastard Nazi]

Your words...
safety date: A person that accompanies you to a friend's or family event to give the appearance that you are seeing people and not isolated from society or to avoid being set up on blind dates by well-meaning friends.
pop hundies: To spend big bills, such as hundred-dollar bills.
#3: In relation to using the toilet, this refers to diarrhea. Alternately this can refer to a third type of bodily fluid, usually ejaculate.

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Death comes in threes.