Bogota, Columbia

Bogota, Columbia.

That's close to where he'll end up for a while. Bogota, Columbia. It's kind of close to the Panama Canal, I mean, if we're speaking in terms of nearness of land mass. It would be like saying that Tennessee is close to the Gulf of Mexico. Not a lie, but not a marker either.

Bogota, Columbia. It's on the Western side of South America, North of the Equator, but very near the Equator [hot hot hot]. I know very little about the area except for what the television tells me; the television tells me that Bogota is the capital of a country that produces drugs and is essentially ran by what we near Chicago think of as Mafia. Columbia has been in the business of taking political hostages. By political hostage I do not mean hostages who are politicians (though some have been). What I mean is that they take hostages to gain a "political" leverage; but more often than not, they take hostages simply for the ransom. While the US government does not negotiate for hostages, families will.

Bogota, Columbia. It's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, I might be afraid to go alone though. He'll be fine. He says that he fits the part. He looks like his relatives. Apparently though, his scam is up once he speaks. He's got an accent. It's an American accent on his Spanish.

Bogota, Columbia. It's not the only place he's going! He's going all over the Western Hemisphere! I'd say lucky him, but one of his places that he's going is to Washington state to take the SE licensure exam [gack].

Ruben. That's who "he" is...the "he" of this story. I spoke of him briefly before in this blog. He's an amazing individual that I wish everyone had the opportunity to meet. He is no longer working at HOK, he's moving on with his life. He deserves and needs to move on to other things. He's an amazing individual.

Ruben. He came this morning to pack his things. I said good bye, but not "forever good bye". We'll speak again. I keep tabs on the people I think are decent and wonderful and amazing people. The people I wish everyone could meet. But he is off now, to meet other people, to visit his friends and family.

Bogota, Columbia. Where some of his family lives.

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