I Never Match

You've heard me complain for some time about my inability to match...here is yet more proof. I just don't think is my problem...I grab a shirt I like and some favorite socks and shoes...and thus you get this...

I can't write for very long since I'm under the gun for a deadline; but since I have a few minutes to spare I thought I'd update you on a few things. [My blogs seem to be turning into these bulleted crap lists these days]

    I won't be Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween, long story short, no time to craft.

    Yesterday (the 25th) was like one long Kids In The Hall skit [gosh I loved that show]! There was some discussion of a building wearing a pompadour; some odd men who intrigued me and Mike C.; a fog and lights show; "Members Only" jackets; candy necklaces; pumpkin cookies; and some people that were special.

    I saw the movie Where The Wild Things Are, and frankly, I think you all should see it.

All right then, I've got to vamoose, so some words...
1. never occuring, nor having the potential to do so.
2. A nonexistent period of time

chimplify: simplification to the extreme; making somethihng so simple a monkey could understand it. Usually made in reference to a clueless employer.
emoment: A point in time when an individual engages in whining, complaining, or otherwise self-pitying behavior around others, usually in search of pity. Combination of "emo" and "moment".
doorknob: An easy girl who sleeps around; so called because everyone gets a turn.

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