Scary Things

First let me say hello to a new follower, Eric Ketzer. Steph speaks highly of you and your music; nice to informally meet you. I see by way of Facebook that Steph has been busy uploading YouTube videos of your performance recently! I have yet to see them, but I will!

Next I want to mention that I watched a National Geographic Explorer episode last night about feet that were washing up on British Columbia's shores. I would recommend looking it up and watching it if possible, very intriguing!! If you can't find the show, maybe try looking it up online and reading about it.

A few quick updates...
Mom is having surgery on the 5th, nothing major.
On the 5th I am flying to Oakland, CA for a meeting in Berkeley, CA. I will return on the 7th.
Two coworkers and I were leaving downtown yesterday night at about 9:00 pm; one of us was assaulted in an attempted mugging in the Kiener East garage. Please be careful. Call for an escort if needed!
Yesterday a coworker thought he might be having a stroke; today a coworker fainted...I've become acutely aware of who to contact in case of an emergency!

Now..onto what I want to write about today...

Three Things That Scare Me [inspired by @Eammon, read here]

Painted Faces and Masks
If you read my blog regularly you may already know of this fear from the blog Painted-Face-A-Phobia. I believe it stems from the movie Fortress. Having not seen the film in some time I can only tell you that it is a movie about a small school in the Australian outback that is taken hostage by a group of masked men. Creepy. Perhaps it's not simply the masking of one's face, but I also feel as though I can't trust someone without their non-verbal language to accompany what they say...facial expressions say a lot!

The Monsters Under My Bed
Go on and laugh. But let's be realistic, name a person that has never awaken in the middle of the night with a racing heart...wanting, no NEEDING, to run to safety but knowing that as soon as you put your foot on the ground someone or thing will reach out from under the bed and grab you! The difference between me and you is that I never grew out of that fear. I still wake up terrified from some nightmare, needing to perhaps get some water or use the toilet, but too afraid to put my feet on the ground. It's so irrational that it annoys me, and yet still I am afraid!

The Dark
Perhaps it's my fear of not knowing, or not seeing, or not being able to prepare...but the dark frightens me. I have a night light next to my bed. I try not to be caught alone in the dark. When I know I'll be home alone I make sure to prepare everything ahead of time so that I can avoid the dark basement, the dark yard, or a dark house. Too much Scooby Doo as a child? Probably!

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