NaBloPoMo Day 24 Post 24 - A Test of Your E-Mail System

This is a test and only a test of your broadcasting system, or rather my ability to upload a blog to blogger from my e-mail!  It's very simple from what I can tell, but as things have gone for me lately, I won't hold my breath.  I should though, hold my breath until I go brain dead or something of the sort.  Again, with my luck, I'd live through to be a paralyzed carrot with restless leg syndrome and a brain that runs a million miles a minute.
Anyway, with that little rant over with I thought I'd continute my testing by sharing a link and an image.  So here you are:
A Link about Owl Tattoos
And an image of one of my favorite bull dog friends That One (or as I like to call him, EBD)...by the way, I stole your picture EBD!
SO...if neither of those work, well now you know it's because I've been unsuccessful at this, and if they do work, well good, there you have it!

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ironstef said...

Oh man, now I feel the NEED for an owl tatt!!!