NaBloPoMo Day 30 Post 30 - You Thought I'd Had Enough Did Ya?

It's here! Today is the last freaking day of my "post-a-day"! I never thought it would get here!

Funny to me, is that I plan on doing it all again next month! Well, sort of...

I was reading on Twitter this morning [Twitter's my new BFF] when a tweet came through from @adampknave about his blog. To cut to the chase, here is an excerpt [though I highly encourage you to read the whole thing here]...
"[...] This holiday season, whatever you celebrate, is a rough one for a lot of us in terms of money and stress. Instead of gifts I propose this:

Take the time to write the people closest to you. Send them an email, or a letter in the mail. Tell them how much they mean to you, and why. Share some history. Remind them of why they’re so close to your heart. Maybe they don’t know, maybe they do, either way a reminder is a magical thing. Thirty of them. [...] That’s it. Think of the effect it can have on the people you love, and frankly, on yourself.

Thirty emails. We can all do it. Join me.

So, Mr. Adam P. Knave, I'm in! I'm going to write! [Except, I might do 31 since there are 31 days in December, but I'm with ya anyway!]

How does this have any effect on you, my only reader? Well, on occasion, I will be sure to share some of these people, the histories, and letters with you.

So stay tuned, and maybe, join in!

keep steppin':To move on from something bad.
Christmas creep:A phenomenon where the Christmas season starts earlier and earlier each year.
skillets:Closest friends [very fitting for today's topic]
UDI: Acronym for "unidentified drinking injury". Random bruises, aches, and pains one pick up when one is drunk but can't recall exactly how it happened [yea...]

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