NaBloPoMo Day Five Post Five - All About Amanda

Short blog for a short girl! :)

No real story today as I have tons to do and I leave for California at noon. I'm excited to get away from reality for a bit; not so excited that it's for a meeting, and even less excited that I have to go while my mom is having surgery. She says it's okay. I have to trust her instinct on this one. Drew [aka Baby Brother] is supposed to be taking care of her, but I worry that she'll try to do too much. She always does too much!

Anyway, scmanyway; I don't have a real story but an amusing quote...

I was discussing with Amanda my method of choosing to go or not go to Cali., which was basically asking everyone I knew and even everyone I didn't know what I should do...and majority vote was to go. Amanda had also suggested that I go and so her response was, "at least I'm not alone in the majortiy". She caught herself right away. Majority, no one is alone!

lactard: A lactose-intolerant person.
[Speaking of Amanda....*snickering*, she's a lactard!]

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