NaBloPoMo Day Four Post Four - Mom's Birthday

Again, little time...synopsis:

-Today, mom's birthday! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Mutti!
-Tomorrow is her surgery.
-Tomorrow I leave for California, I return Saturday night.
-Got in a little bit of a quarrel yesterday at work, which ended up with the phrase, "I need to speak to you in a conference room"...great!
-I just got lectured...yea I know, some thug is going to beat me up and rob me of everything I have...the thought passes through my head all the time...if I could have a body guard with me at the snap of my fingers, everything would be lovely, but I don't and I can't!

I can't think of a short story for now...but I've got a small list: Reading Time Vomit; Drew and the Broken Nose; Irish Dude and the Camping Tool....etc....so stay tuned!

At least a word...phlog: Fake blog; a Web site pretending to be a blog but actually the creation of the mainstream media or professional; political operatives.

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ravingsfromtheblogdweller said...

"phlog" - I like it! Works on a number of levels.