NaBloPoMo Day One Post One - My Baby Brother

I saw today (just in time) that it is NaBloPoMo, or more lengthily known as National Blog Post Month. Are you a blogger? You better get to posting!

Essentially it encourages bloggers to post once a day. 30 posts in 30 days, or something like that. I used to keep up with posting most days, then work overwhelmed me. Well, it's still overwhelming me, but I've mentally committed myself to doing this. I'm going to post once a day.

What's my content going to be? I actually thought about this for a bit. I have a whole list of ideas...topics ranging from questions I like to ask people that I would answer; topics discussing my daily activities; music; clothing; shoes; television; engineering, etc. I finally stopped at stories of yore. So here we go, blog one for day one...

My Baby Brother

Drew, my youngest brother, was not yet old enough to walk. He was still one of those feeble toddlers put into a "walker" and sent on his way. If you are unfamiliar with the walker, please let me explain. A walker is like a small child sized table with a hole in the middle. In that hole is a seat sized for small toddlers. At the bottom of the table are casters. The point of this contraption is to get kids little legs moving to aide them in learning to walk. So, Drew was in his walker. I was in the bathroom washing Barbie's hair. It was a very important task for her (she probably had a date with Ken). Mom and Dad were busy but keeping an eye on Drew to be sure he didn't go tumbling down the stairs in his contraption. Mom calls to me to say she's busy for a moment, that I must watch Drew for a few minutes. No problem, how hard can it be to keep a feeble toddler from going down the stairs? Yea, well, it's harder than you think when Barbie's hair is tangled. So much brushing to do. Before you know it the comb is stuck and ...what was that sound, what's that screaming ...oh, right Drew! Yea, so needless to say, I was a poor baby sitter. But Drew's okay, I mean, no broken bones from the incident or anything!

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