NaBloPoMo Day Ten Post Eight - Principles

First things first...if you are one of those people that reads things and then goes off and tells my mom, stop reading now. The poor woman doesn't need to worry about me more than she does already.

Ever since this whole attempted mugging of coworker Jim, I've been getting some flak about the time I leave work and my method of transportation. I feel the need to defend myself a bit, as if I'm being mugged, but rather of my principles than tangible items. It goes along with the ideology of terrorism such that if we change the ways we live to hide from terror, terrorists indeed defeat us. If I choose to change my life and the things I value, then I've been mugged (though no one gains anything)!

I choose to use public transit for a few reasons with the first being downright selfish! I don't like to drive. Other reasons consist of the lower cost, less mileage on my auto, perhaps better for the environment, lessened ease of traffic and downtown parking, etc. I refuse to change my principles for a scumbag.

As for the time I leave work, I guess I don't know what to say. I've been leaving earlier, but with winter here, it's dark regardless of the time I leave. Sometimes I NEED to stay late, sometimes I WANT to stay late (work-aholic? perhaps so), sometimes I am GUILTED into staying late. In any case, I'll try to leave when others do. It's the only change I feel good about making pertaining to all this flak.

With that said, I leave you to your word...
hug it out: To hug in order to help get over anger or sadness.

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