A 2 Mile 5K Run

Today I ran what should have been my second 5k. Turns out we only ran 2 miles. No one knew the actual route we were supposed to be taking and so we all aimlessly followed the runners before us taking the wrong path, thus not actually running the full 5 kilometers we were predestined to go!

You might be wondering why I would wake up early on a Sunday to go out and run in 20°F weather (or -6.7°C for those using SI units). It was for a cause, the Arthritis Foundation. It wasn't my idea, in fact, I would never encourage those with arthritis to go out into cold weather and run. Both running and the cold irritates arthritic joints; for this I can speak first hand as both of my knees have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Again though, I agreed to run with a friend who in the end was unable to make it for very understandable reasons. I did have two people with me though, my teammates Andy and Amanda. Andy was top runner in his age bracket; all three of us won raffle prizes as well. So despite the route error, it was all in all, a decent morning!

I should at least have one more picture to come (of me and my crew). Oh, and for the record, I was under 23 minutes for the 2 miles I ran...so getting better I dare say!

    PostScript ... My Team including Amanda Sutter, Steph Spann, and Andy Sutter (shown with all of our prizes)

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