Chuffed About Uncle Bob!

Do you ever feel like you hear a phrase that you KNOW you have to adopt? Well I was reading the comments to my blog and heard one I know I've got to incorporate into my daily language.

I wrote about the word "chuffing" not too long ago and the following was a comment to that blog post:

They say "chuffed" all the time in New Zealand. As in, "I won the lottery. I'm chuffed!"

Not to be confused with "I'm stuffed" - which has nothing to do with food but instead means something like "I'm screwed." As in "Dog ate my very important homework. I'm stuffed."

But the BEST saying here is "Bob's your uncle" which means something like "And everything will be fine." Use it like this, "Call your teacher and explain that your dog ate your homework. Ask for an extension. And Bob's your uncle!"

So many thanks to Moon Over Martinborough for the new cool phrase! For those of you interested, Moon Over Martinborough wrote one of my favorite blog stories of all time, Life and Death Outside Our Door.

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