I Spare Your Fingers of My Vellum Wrath

It's funny that anyone would beg to avoid my wrath! It is especially funny to me that anyone would think I was an imposing threat of any kind! Well, there's always a first!

Two friends go on vacation. As vacations go, there's some bickering along the way. [You know what I'm talking about!]. Said friends come back from vacation choosing to disagree, but maintaining a mended friendship. Knowing that one of the friends would tell me all about the vacation (including the bickering), the other friend asks that when speaking to me, to ask that I spare him my wrath that is from being an overprotective friend. [Yea, that sounded confusing, sorry]. He didn't want me to hunt him down and slice the insides of his fingers with vellum. [You know that webby part where the fingers join, yea, that hurts when paper cut with vellum, so I use it as a threat]. So, Friend, You know who you are, I spare you this time, only because I now know after stories of this trip, that you truly are married to my dear friend!

In other subjects, I must send may thanks to my friend Becky for her donation! Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks! I really appreciate it and as you know, there was no need to do so; which makes it mean so much more that you actually did make a donation! Next time you fund raise, call me first!!

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