My Daily Food?

I was asked what "My Daily Food" means. I think the question spurred because of the lack of content about food on my blog. I'm not a foodie (baker perhaps), I rarely cook. In fact yesterday I contemplated this for dinner...

My Daily Food is a ska song by Toots and the Maytals. I'd give you the lyrics but I only know a few. "I earn my daily food", "it's my daily food", "something something something" that sounds like "take a banana peel", and then some other words that sound like mother and father and let go. I sometimes make words up to my music. For example, to this song I often say "Happens all day, happens all day; spendin' my time lookin' like a, like a crazy fool"! [For those of you that have/know the song, I'll give you a moment to play it and wait for the moment that you can totally understand what I mean]!

I make words up in songs all the time. Sebadoh has a song called Ocean whose lyrics go like this, "somethin' 'bout the middle of the ocean, somethin', somethin', somethin', somethin' else, and that's all I know".

I'm just classy that way!


bid: A prison sentence.

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