A Necklace Made Me Cry

I got a package in the mail today. An unexpected package is almost always good! I looked it over to be sure it was safe. As you likely know, I'm paranoid enough to believe someone would mail me anthrax in an effort to murder me. Little does that person know, all they would have to do is send me some Blue Gatorade with cyanide and the problem is essentially solved! Anyway, off course here...mail...package...me. I noticed the package was in eco-friendly holiday shipping paper. While no name was on it, I recognized the address, Lami, St. Louis. Aha, my dear friend Kelly sent me a package.

Do I open it, do I not open it...what to do...gah, OPEN IT! Inside was a ribboned and wrapped box. I couldn't wait. I know, I know, I should have waited...but I couldn't, I was too excited! Inside was a beautiful necklace, and exactly the kind I like. A bronze colored simple but beautiful necklace!

It of course brought tears to my eyes.

So to Kelly, who may or may not read this...Thank You. Thank You for making me happy, for making me cry, for my gift. Mostly, thank you for being You!!

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