Year In Review - Part II

As always, I made sure to have some escapade in my year.

This year was New York, NY; Kansas City, MO; Austin, TX; Santa Claus, IN; Dublin, Ireland; London, UK; Glasgow, Scotland; Berkeley, CA.

Here are a few pics...

Lessons Learned...
  • Sometimes you have to get away be it for entertainment, avoidance, therapy, or your birthday. You just need to do it!

  • Traveling alone has its rewards. You get to go where you want, do what you want, and all on your schedule.

  • Traveling alone can be scary. When something goes wrong, you have only your brain to figure out what to do

  • Traveling alone means it's hard to get good pictures. Yea, you can ask the random stranger to take a picture for you; but with my trust issues, no one was touching my camera!

  • Sometimes the places you least expect to enjoy are the best and vice versa. I had high hopes for London though it proved much less enjoyable than anticipated. I had low hopes for Berkley and it proved to be a top on my list of places to return.

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