30 Million Dollar Garage

Did you know that if you were going to have a concrete parking garage built in the US, it would cost you about $15,000 per car? So for instance, if you wanted to allow 2000 cars to park in your garage, it would cost you 30 million US dollars.

There are a lot of stipulations that I should note, [you know, all that fine print]. As I am neither an estimator nor producer of said concrete structures, you should ignore anything I have to say...just thought you might like to know that tidbit!


  • I am a lake.
  • My waters come from glaciers.
  • I claim to have 300 sunny days a year.
  • Each winter, I have 400 inches of snowfall.
  • I am the second deepest lake in the US.
  • My southern shore is known for its casinos.
  • I am divided between Nevada and California.
  • I am in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

  • WORD

    yashmak: A veil worn by Muslim women that is wrapped around the upper and lower parts of the face so that only the eyes remain exposed to public view.

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