And Still More Things...

I love to share the things I enjoy with hopes that others may enjoy them as well...

  • reading in the shower

  • Getting unexpected (and good) mail

  • Spending free time in my pajamas

  • The expressions my dogs make

  • Surprising myself by doing something I didn't think possible

  • Getting a joke that no one else gets

  • The flavor of bubble gum

  • The smell of books

  • Finding something unexpected in a book (an old picture you once used as a bookmark or an old movie ticket perhaps)

  • Seeing a photo you had forgotten about, but brings back fun memories

  • Receiving a compliment

  • Being told that you are the glue that holds things together.

  • Dictionaries, the kind you find in book form

  • Diaries/notebooks/sketchpads that age over time and are reviewed at a later date to bring smiles, confusion, and reminders of muses

A few other things that get me by...

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Amy in StL said...

Funny you mention bubblegum. My current favorite lip balm is bonne bell bubble gum flavor.