Did I Wake Up In Alaska?

I fear I may have accidentally moved to Alaska without knowing I have done so...

[temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit]


  • I am an actor and screenwriter born in New York City.

  • The first movie I wrote and starred in won Best Picture.

  • My most famous character now has been in 6 movies.

  • My second most famous character has been in 4 movies.

  • Neither character speaks much.

  • At birth, part of my face was partially paralyzed.

  • I have a body-focused nutrition company and book.

  • My nickname is “Sly.”

  • [Seriously, if you can't get this, you're out of the loop, but I'll be sure to post the answer in the comment section of this blog towards the end of the day]


    alley-oop: A basketball play in which a player catches a pass above the basketball and immediately dunks the ball. "Alley-oop" was first heard by English ears under the big tops of early 20th-century circuses. When acrobats were about to leap to their trapezes, they would often cry the similar sounding French word allez-oop--an interjection meaning roughly "go up". Its latest venue is the half pipe, where skateboarders and snowboarders pull "alley-oop" spinning tricks.

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    Stephy said...

    Yep, HERE is your answers boys and girls!