I Rant About Chinese Products Yet Again

One could easily say that yesterday I was on a tirade. It all started because I needed to wrap Eva's birthday present, the Tim Burton book I bought her while at the MoMA.

I could have simply used Christmas paper that I have at home, but the dilemma is two-fold. One problem is that I feel those who celebrate their birthdays so close to Christmas get jipped in a sense. They get cheated on gifts and most of the cheated gifts are wrapped in Christmas paper. I don't want to be one of those people; the one's who cheat others. I admit fully that I love to give people gifts. I love to make others happy be it with small gifts, large gifts, or simple compliments. So, as one might see, there was no way I was wrapping a birthday gift I was so excited about in Christmas paper!

The second problem with Christmas paper is that I prefer to save every sliver so that it may be used to wrap something next season. I don't want to waste it is what I'm saying.

So now I had the dilemma of how to wrap the gift. Simple I thought, get a handkerchief and wrap it in that. Well, that would have been nice if every handkerchief in the freaking US were not made in freaking CHINA! Scarves, head wraps, socks, and underwear...everything made in China.

So to end my tirade, I'll tell you that I chose not to wrap the book. I refrained from bitching too much about it, and yet here I am a whole day later still stewing!

One might ask, "what do you do now Steph?", and to that I have an answer! Go to furoshiki, they tell you where the wraps are made!

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