No No, The Other Chicago!

She told me three or four times about how she went with Mama Skweak, Becky, and Skweak to see Chicago (the musical) at the Fox Theater. She wasn't doing it as if to "rub it in" that she got to go, she was merely excited at having had the opportunity. She really enjoyed herself.

This time though she told the story as if confused and irritated that she had to reiterate that she had gone. It came up because she was mentioning something or other about seeing Chicago. My first thoughts were of sadness of being replaced. I had for a moment thought that she found cooler people to hang out with; people that liked Chicago. My second thoughts were that of not really liking Chicago. My next thoughts were that Eva didn't like Chicago either, why would she be doing that? So I had to ask, "You went to see Chicago"? She shot a crooked glance at me. One of those unsure glances; "is she loosing her mind?" type glances. As she retold the story it all came back, "OH, THAT Chicago, thank god, I thought you were talking about the band"!

All's good now!

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