Smart Ass

So far 2010 started out well. It's 3°F outside with a -6° wind chill. This weather made drinking my hot tea quite delightful!

I was a bit disappointed in my word of the day so I decided to register online for my free calendar (that came along with my purchase of the paper kind).

I opted for Smart Ass (though it took some finagling with the site to get around to giving it to me)! Anyway, instead of a word, here's a riddle...

Where Am I?
  • I am a famous structure in Asia.

  • Shocking conditions were endured while making me.

  • I was built by Allied prisoners of war.

  • The Japanese oversaw my construction.

  • I was portrayed in a 1957 Oscar-winning movie.

  • I am in Thailand.

  • I was destroyed during the war, but was rebuilt.

  • I am still in use today.

  • [Just a note from the editor, don't respond with the answer "Thailand", smart ass indeed]

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