Things Will Get Easier?

And so it goes, 2010 is on the move. It hasn't started out swell, but I suppose, granted the way the universe works, I shall not worry the small stuff. As an update, Chris (Andy's friend) is alive and well. By well I mean no internal injuries. Yesterday afternoon he was sitting on his couch when a car drove over his porch and into his front room pinning him against the wall opposite where he sat; he was then flown to Barnes-Jewish hospital. As I mentioned, he is well and since they aren't my injuries I won't share them here, just know he's well.

I have a whole list of worries and dilemmas plaguing me at the moment, but I won't share them all at once, instead I shall share with you a question in order to get your opinion on the matter.

How should one say 2010? [Click here for my poll]
  • Twenty Ten [history indicates this to be logical... The War of Eighteen Twelve; Party Like It's Nineteen Ninety-nine]

  • Two-thousand and Ten [while this feels right to me, I would not have chosen to say "The War of Eighteen-hundred and Twelve" nor "The War of One-thousand Eight-hundred and Twelve"]

  • I am a musical instrument.

  • I am made from brass, but am not part of the brass section.

  • A “Bird” was known for playing me.

  • I can be an alto, soprano, tenor, or baritone.

  • Lisa Simpson plays me all the time.

  • Bill Clinton once played me on a late night talk show.

  • I am occasionally used in the orchestra.

  • My popularity stems mainly from jazz.

  • [another easy one to boost the confidence! As usual, check back in the comments for the answer]

    fissiparous: tending to break up into parts; divisive. For example, my home made shortbread! In biology, where the word was first used, it applied to organisms that produce new individuals by fission (dividing into seperate cells creating two new and unique organisms).