Too Many Words Sound Alike!

"I'm jealous, Becky is going to see Grease tonight" he says. I look confused and disgusted all at the same exact moment. I wonder aloud, "really, I want to go to Greece, how did I not know about this"? I get that blank confused expression in return while he replies, "well, you know, working at the Fox, she gets so many tickets, so she's going to see it tonight". Damn it, I did it again, the other Greece!

While I won't be going to Greece anytime soon, I will be going with Amanda to New York this weekend for the Tim Burton exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. I am supposed to give my flight info to my brother so that some one can "track" me for my mom. So, here it is:
    sat jan 16 2010 AA1030 STL 10:55-LGA 14:15
    mon jan 18 2010 AA2223 LGA 16:15-STL 18:10

Since that's cleared up, my only worry is about poor Haiti. They needed better buildings.



  • I am a TV character.
  • Carroll Spinney plays me.
  • My voice was based on a Bronx cabbie’s.
  • I am green.
  • My pet peeve is cheerful people.
  • My favorite vacation spot is the Mudville City Dump.
  • I love trash.
  • I live on Sesame Street.

  • WORD

    advertent: giving attention; heedful

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    No need to be a grouch...HERE's your answer!