Being the Change Brings Thanks

Doing things to help others is something I selfishly like to do because it makes me feel better. I want to be one of the people I want people to become!

Every once in a while some one sends a message of thanks my way that just makes me sky-rocket to the moon! Today, I happened upon one of these...
Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for assisting us gather medical supplies for Haiti Relief!

My wife, Cynthia, arrived safely to Port au Prince Haiti this morning. She meet her uncle and delivered the supplies that we gathered to help support the medical clinic his family is providing for their surrounding community. Your generosity will go directly to help heal the injured and wounded people in the Delmas area of Port-Au-Prince.

Cynthia is now heading north with a medical group to Deschapelles, Haiti to do relief work with “Hopital Albert Schweitzer”. The hospital did not collapse from the earthquake and is still functioning. She will be fitting people with prosthetics as well as provide general medical treatment for the next 9 days.

Cynthia and I, her family and the Haitian people appreciate all of your generosity.

Thank you for your kindness,

Because the names of these people are not mine to share, I just won't share them; but with that said, all the thanks go to the real people doing something!

That phrase "be the change you want to see in the world", might have something to it.

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