What People Do At Work...

The following is from an e-mail I saw today, that as joking as it may seem, is very real. As you can see, some people just really want to test anything they can!
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Subject: Refrigerator Temperatures

If you don't use the refrigerators in the kitchen, you can delete this message.

This message is for informational purposes only.

On 10 Feb 2010 I conducted a study of the temperatures in the two refrigerators located in the kitchen near EC-G utilizing scientific methods and instrumentation*.

The findings of the study are as follows:

Refrigerator on the right (looking at the front of the refrigerators)
    Top compartment** (degrees F) 0
    Bottom compartment (degrees F) 32

Refrigerator on the left
    Top compartment (degrees F) 32
    Bottom compartment (degrees F) 55***

*I stuck a thermometer in the refrigerator compartments.
**Traditionally known as the freezer on this refrigerator.
***Beverages can be cooled utilizing the ice machine near the real estate division.

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