The End of Time Apparently Did Not Have an Appointment

I waited for it yesterday, the end of time. But it never really ended. The day started, it progressed, I got sucked into work late to come home and exercise all without the end of time. I played video games, I read a book, I showered, I snuggled with the dogs, again, all without the end of time.

Call it what you will, Armageddon (an epic battle associated with the end time); the Apocalypse (the eschatological final battle of end of the world; Omnicide (human extinction as a result of human action); or Doomsday (occurrence which has an exceptionally destructive effect on the human race), I expected it all to happen yesterday.

Why? A few reasons I suppose. It just feels like it's about time (or should be). Also, I had figured my hoping for the end of time might encourage it along, frankly I'm tired and I could use the eternal sleep. Lastly, the thing that pops into my mind is social health care, but I'll stop the conversation short since I don't discuss politics.

Oh well, here we are, without the end of time. I suppose I'll make a day of it and enjoy the weather by having a picnic with the dogs.

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