What Is She Doing?

Being an idiot in St. Louis' first Idiotarod!

What it is?
It's a 4 mile race through downtown St. Louis with checkpoints where challenges will be performed.

What's with the cart?
The race is executed with a cart and 5 team members. Each team has a theme for which the members dress up and decorate the cart. We are the Sorta Sheep.

Why are people doing this? It's a fund raiser for Operation Food Search. Please go to the Virtual Shopping Cart, and when you are at the check out, be sure to list "The Sorta Sheep" as the company. [Remember those grade school fundraisers everyone hated...yea, well, they're back!]

I still don't get it...
I don't know how else to explain this to you, but here's a shot with help from the organizers: "Downtown St. Louis Idiotarod, which pays homage to the Alaskan tradition of the Iditarod in which dogs pull a sled and musher across the Iditarod Trail. Our event is similar, except replace the dogs with people and the sled with a shopping cart, put it in downtown St. Louis, and add a heavy dose of weirdness"

Wow, this really sounds like something you'd do!
You are right!! I've been envious since I heard about in New York where a friend participated. I was beyond happy to see it finally arrive here in St. Louis! My team mates are Amanda Sutter, Amy Henke, Dave Ulrey, and Chris Trowbridge! Wish us luck!

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