When I wasn't watching, everyone's lives changed. It's not like I haven't noticed things different here or there. I just haven't taken time to look at the whole book shelf so to speak, to notice that not only have books been relocated, but some have been removed all together. Some books have been left without binding or have been ripped and torn. Some books appear to have been taped and renewed.

I don't want to talk about any one specific allegorical book per say, but I will elaborate enough to explain those I've noticed as of just this week. Maybe you can pick out which book you are! One book has simply disappeared. Another book has split in half. One book has been separated but rebound to that which makes two very nice looking books instead. At least a couple of books now have sequels. Another book isn't quite close to completion, but hey, who can rush a masterpiece? And one very exciting book ended up in TWO jails!

All of this talk of books makes me think of three things I want to say to close this up.
    Currently reading the Anita Blake series and it's quite enjoyable. They might give me nightmares, but really, what doesn't?
    I'm really proud of That One for doing his whole reading thing...takes a real dog to do what he does! BOL! [yes, BOL, bark out loud]
    I'm going to write a book one day titled The Bastard Phlebotomist. The guy is going to think he is a poet, but in reality, he'll stick patients poorly while trying to draw blood and wiggle the needle all around until the patient is bruised and sore! The only things he'll say are "confirm you address and birth date", "son of a ...", god....[then sounds like warble warble warble]", and "okay, go now". Sounds like a great read, huh!?

Last, but not least, I want to give a shout out to Stubbs, whose birthday passed uneventfully on April 2nd. Good day Stubbs, good day!

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