More Alphabet Things

It's been a while since I've been here to write. In fact, I almost forgot where to go, but frankly, I'm blaming that on pregnancy and that which mother nature calls memory loss.

Sometimes I find myself writing in my head, the things I want to say just to get out of my head and even the things I want to tell people. Other times I literally close my eyes and see sudoku. What I see there is not enough to play, but enough for me to realize I haven't had my daily fill of numbers [I know right, an engineer NOT having her fill of numbers? Well, no one has ever said I was normal]. When I go to bed though, it all becomes overwhelming. Eh, well, let me restate that. Since becoming pregnant, I sleep regularly without trouble except at night when I'm winding down and thinking of all I have to do the following day; in these cases, it all becomes overwhelming.

My trick you see, to falling asleep, is the alphabet thing [as mentioned before]. This was last night's thing: name US cities in alphabetical order, the city must be the first that comes to mind! Here they are (or as far as I got):

Anaheim, Boston
Ana. . . Chicago
. . .

I either forgot the next cities, or I fell asleep, either way, I'm quite grateful!

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