The Parade of Mimes

I've always found my dreams to be bizarre, frightening, and interesting in such a way that I never want to forget them for reasons I can't begin to explain. I've written randomly about some of the dreams I've had such as the Chicken Pox dream and Future World/Past World; being the Angel of Death; onomatopoeia; the dream where they were going to take my shoes; and really, any one of the dreams about dead people!

Lately though, I've missed out on the blogging of dreams. I've simply lacked time or motivation. Today though, I spent some time talking to my buddy Eva about a dream I had last night. We analyzed the dream too, trying to figure out just what my brain wants me to know. It was fun, you should chime in and tell me what you think! So here it is...I shall call this dream, the Parade of Mimes.

There was a parade that was both creepy and festive at the same time. I was in
the parade for part of the time and watching the parade the rest of the time and
wore a beret of some sort. I don't know where I was but it had the feel of a
damp European city, the streets were wet, the stone of the buildings was damp,
my hair was frizzy, and the wind was chilly and sharp. While I can't recall many
detail of the parade, I do know that there were both Mustangs and Corvettes in
the parade (brilliant blues and yellows) as well as mimes. Lots of mimes. They
were creepy, as all mimes are, in typical mime gear (black and white, red
suspenders). Eventuallly it was time to go, I had to walk across a bridge from
Scotland to Ireland (or the other way around, who knows) and it was REALLY windy
and I lost my hat. The bridge was really close to the water so I crawled
on the bridge and I was so scared the wind blew the hat right off and I couldn’t
do anything about it cause my arms were stiff from holding onto the bridge.

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