Questions, Answers, and Congratulations

I'm going to start this blog off with my quick whiny rants. Skip to the next paragraph to avoid my negativity. Why must I sit next to the loudest people in the office? If you thought I was potentially the loudest person you knew (ahem, Christine), you haven't had the joy of sitting near the people I have the tremendous task of enjoying...loud drink sipping, loud belching, loud mouth-slap chewing, and ridiculously loud speaking volume. Not all of them are loud, not all of them have these annoying traits, but when my patience is thin, I can't bear the annoyances of others (like loud sipping).

Okay, I got that out of my system, and I feel a lot better already. The only reason I'm even really writing today is to update everyone on some of the questions I've been getting a lot of lately.

When is your due date?
I don't know. I have a range of given dates between November 29 to December 8. I think when it comes time for the baby poll, it should be fun to see what people think will happen.

What baby poll are you talking about?
Chris and I are going to have a 50-50 Baby Poll (50% of proceeds go towards the baby, gambling is illegal, but I will donate 50% of the proceeds to the "winner"). Each person is to guess the baby's gender, the due date, and lastly the weight. Only those who guessed the correct gender can win. The winner is the person who is closest to the actual birth date (with correct gender). Weight is tie breaker (closest to weight). I've not set this up yet, so stay tuned! Also, think of ways to spend the money for baby (college, savings account, diapers, toys, sheep, shoes for mom, or whatever).

Are you having a baby shower?
Yes, the date is October 9. If you want to come please let me know (with address (by email)).

Where are you registered?
Uh, yea, I still have to do that.

And you still think you want cloth diapers?
Yes, why, what are you saying?

Have you gotten anything done on the nursery?
I cleaned it out, though, the mattress doesn't fit down the stair well, so it's propped up along the wall, and probably will be for some time. We're leaving it painted yellow. Otherwise, no nesting has been incorporated into my lifestyle.

How's that quilt coming along for baby?
Okay, stop picking on me for being so lazy and lacking motivation. For your reference, I have ironed fusible backing to THREE of the shirts. That's more than you thought I bet!

When is Eva due? [note: NOT "What does Eva do?" - that was an awkward moment for me]
Eva is due at the end of January. Her shower is November 13, if you want to come, please let me know, I'll run it by her of course first to make sure you aren't her mortal enemy.

Okay, do either of you couples have names picked out?
Maybe, but would we share them yet?

Anyway, thanks for your time, thanks for your concerns; I really do appreciate everyone.

A quick congrats to Andrea, Aaron and Rudy for the newest addition to the family, Veronon. Congrats to Crystal and Mark, the newlyweds!

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