Starting Now

Due to some prompting by Holly, I've started a blog devoted to that which is Baby Yadi and my daily (if I can keep up) rantings about pregnancy. Basically, I just want to be able to record the things I'll otherwise one day forget. For example, right now the kid is jumping on my bladder giving me this urge to run to the bathroom, but as soon as it starts, it stops thus giving me the giggles (it's funny to think what this thing can do). While it's really more of a personal diary for me, I am keeping it public so that those who wish to follow along may do so.

Should you wish to follow the baby stuff go to...
StephySite BabyBlog

For the record, I'll still be writing here as randomly as I have been. I will attempt to keep most of the baby stuff relegated to BabyBlog, with the occasional sharing of information here at My Moblie Blog.

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