Venti Wishard

Today is one of those days I could vent for quite some time here on the blog. It wasn't a bad day per say, nor was it stressful per say...it was just...hectic. A meeting from 9am to 3 pm with an impromptu hour long conference call at quarter after 4. Hectic...

Anyway, the day long meeting was pretty neat actually. It was our Clash Detection Kickoff meeting for the Wishard project I'm working on these days. We're using Navisworks to do this, and it's just amazing to see how everything has come together!

Curious about my project Wishard? Well, it's a replacement hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. Here's the rendering of what the building looks like... [from thenewwishard.org]

You can even check out the webcam at this link: http://oxblue.com/pro/open/netwise/wishard

On a side note...I wrote about baby stuff today at stephysite-baby.blogspot.com

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