What NOT To Eat For Breakfast

This blog stems from a conversation with Eva from last week. We were discussing things we should maybe avoid eating. I for one, prefer all carbohydrates (simple and complex). Eva is a fan of the proteins, but for some reason is craving less of that and more carbs during her pregnancy. This got us started on the glucose test for gestational diabetes in pregnant women. Since I already monitor my blood sugar levels I've not had to take the test; Eva's is coming up soon.

That same evening after our conversation, I received the following article about glycemic indices of foods via mail...

Anyway, I thought it was interesting enough to share (courtesy of Anderson Hospital). Now, having learned what not to eat, and knowing how terrible sugars are for breakfast (even Jodi warned me), one might guess I would know better than to eat ice cream for breakfast!

Did I listen? No. How were my sugars? 170 [egads!] Did I learn my lesson? Well, only time will tell!

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