Survey of Historic Storm Damage

For those of you in the Midwest, you got to experience an amazing historic storm; hurricane force winds!! Just the sounds of the storm were amazing though it didn't seem to rain for very long.

I know some of the details because I didn't sleep well last night and therefore heard and smelled everything the storm had to offer. My alarm went off at it's normal time and I got up as if I'd slept. While getting ready in the wee dark hours of the morning, we lost power to the house. It was hit or miss who had electricity in the area.

Anyway, this meant that we only got to survey the damage of the storm when we arrived home. All looked fine, with the exception of one large tree in the backyard. One of my FAVORITE trees mind you. It was beautifully shaped, beautifully colored, tall, and skinny with a fabulous figure. Now, it's split in half with one part laying on the barren leafy ground below it and the other part leaning heavily to one side looking sad and lonely. Sadly, for this tree, it all has to go now.

I can say, I'm at least glad to see power is resumed, no windows are broken out, and the house is intact.

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