Bella in a Pillowcase

I don't know about most bulldogs, but Bella, my beastly bully likes to burrow. Mud is fun, blankets work too! Well last night she opted for the pile of pillows I was using on the bed. [I didn't get to stay there long, Dani was fussy and so I ended up on the floor next to her swing for the rest of the night where I was up every hour to an hour and a half. You would have thought a dog might join me, but I see where the loyalty lies now...the comfy bed]. As we're all very tired these days, I understand how these things happen, but it's amusing none the less and note worthy...Bella burrowed her head into the pillows, but somehow managed to burrow her head right into the pillow case. Yep, my bully had a pillow stuck on her head. I laughed hysterically, partially because it was so funny, but mostly because of sleep deprivation!

It's okay Bella, mom loves you like crazy still and am glad you can make me laugh so hard!

Speaking of lack of sleep and my baby girl Bella, she managed to work her way into Becky's attention when she came to help me out today. With complete lack of sleep and a bad case of depression Chris needed to call in reinforcements for me when I took a video of Dani crying and then talked to him on the phone crying. Reinforcements came in the amazing package of Becky carrying in Subway for lunch with surprise cookies and an Icee! I love Icee's. Anyway, she basically had to babysit for me while I turned to mush on the couch hoarding my food. While sitting in the recliner with Dani, Bella decided to climb up and make herself known! So, be warned fair friends, for those of you that visit, you basically have to babysit me, Dani, and the bulldog. Riley is pretty content sitting back and laughing at us though!

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