Coat Pocket Finds

I was cleaning out my coat so I could wash it (when I wasn't paying attention, it got frigidly cold here in the StL., like Alaska cold, again).

I found the following items in my coat pockets . . .
  • 1 dime

  • 1 nickel

  • 1 ink pen from the Concrete Council

  • A shopping list (milk, cookies, chips, sodas, salad, micro-bags, yakisoba, dish soap, laundry detergent)

  • A granola bar wrapper

  • A piece of paper with the following conversation...
    [Eva's handwriting]The kids that filled in at Murphy's Law were 100 times better!

    I said is that Adam!? Jami said no, Adam weighs more!

    [then in my handwriting] That dude needs to eat some meat, he's freaking SCRAWNY!
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